What to Look for in a Cloud Vulnerability Management Solution

You could easily argue that you trust any vulnerability management solution with your data whether that solution is running in the cloud or on-premises, so this is a good topic for any vulnerability management provider. There are some unique questions however to ask a cloud vulnerability management provider to understand how they keep their application and your data safe. This includes topics like:

Many organizations provide guidance for vendors and consumers of cloud infrastructure and applications. One example is the Cloud Security Alliance. Another is the Australian Signals Directorate, which is basically the Australian equivalent of the NSA. While the Australian Signals Directorate is government-centric, the group has great guidance on a variety of cybersecurity and cloud security topics and is worth checking out if you are considering moving any applications or processes to a cloud environment.

You can also ask what standards and certifications the cloud vulnerability management provider has for their data center. For example, SSAE 16 is an important data center certification, but don’t rely on just one certification. Ask tough questions to get a complete understanding of how they handle security in their cloud-hosted application.

Take a Test Drive

Finally, trying out a potential cloud vulnerability management solution is a critical step in the purchasing process. It should be an easy one too, as a cloud-hosted option. Get the security team to explore the solution and ask for feedback in areas like:

Demonstrations and videos offered by vulnerability management providers are a great start, but they’re done by people who are experts with their solution. A hands-on test drive will help you understand how easy or difficult a new solution will be to implement, deploy and maintain.


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